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אורון כבלים - כבלים מיוחדים לתעשיה

Oron כבלים - כבלי חשמל לתעשיה

Oron Cables plans and supplies a large range of cables and glands, from catalogue as well as in accordance with special customer's needs. 

We offer cables and glands for the following applications:

* Energy- low, medium and high voltage, 
* Solar energy,
* Control, 
* Data and Communication, 
* Buscables,
* Thermocouple,
* Servo motors, 
* Cables for frequency variators,
* Mining cables,
* Rail cables,
Electric Car Charging Cables
* Cables and glands for offshore applications including wind farms & oil and gas fields, and more. 

Many of the cables may be supplied also for drag chain application. 

In our range you may find cables and glands, which are fire resistant, halogen-free, liquids and chemicals resistant, abrasion resistant, cables for hazardous zones, explosion-proof glands and hygienic cables and glands. 

Our cables are made with: Polyurethane, Silicon, PFA, PTFE, ETFE, PVC, XLPE, TPE and more. 

We offer tailor-made cable glands according to customer specifications and even multi-core cable glands. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us in any need for a cable or for cable glands
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Our cables:

Electric Car Charging Cables
cable N2XCY
cable N2XCWY
cable N2XBY
cable N2XY FR3
cable N2XH
cable N2XCH
cable N2XRH
cable RV-K
cable N2XY EMLF
cable N2XCY EMLF
cable NA2XY EMLF
cable NYCY
cable NYCWY
cable NHXH FE180/E90
cable NHXCH FE180/E90
cable JE-H(St)H FE180/E90
cable JE-H(St)HRH
cable N2XS(F)2Y
cable NA2XS(F)2Y
cable XLPE/CTS/LSZH/AWA/LSZH red 6,35/11kV  
cable H05V-K & H07V-K
cable H05V-K & H07V-K  UL 1015-1028-1283-1284 and Multinorm
cableH05V2-K & H07V2-K
cable H05VV-F
cable H05RR-F
cable H05RN-F
cable H07RN-F
cable NSSHOU
cable NSHTOU
cable glands

cable  SIHF
cable SIHF Csi
cable EWKF 
cable SIF
cable SIF/GL
cable SID
cable SID/GL 
cable H05BQ-F
cable H07BQ-F
cable H05Z-K
cable H07Z-K
cable H07ZZ-F  
cable YSLY-JZ 300/500V
cable YSLCY-JZ 300/500V
cable YSLYCY-JZ 300/500V
cable YSLY-JZ 0.61KV
cable YSLYCY-JZ 0.6/1KV    H05VV5-F 300/500V
cable H05VVC4V5-F 300/500V
cable H05VV5-F UL
cable H05VVC4V5-F UL
cable LiYY
cable LIYCY
cable 2YSL(St)CYv
cable 2YSLCYK-J
cable 2XSLCYK-J
cable 2XSLCYK-J 3+3
cable ROZ1-K
cable HSLH
cable HSLCH
cable HSLHCH

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