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:Electric Car Charging Cables

Here you can find Our Electric Vehicle Charging Cables.
Thousands of Electric and Hybrid car owners around the world are using the Charging Cables daily.
Our cables are assembled from high reliable components (J1772 compliant).

Each of our cables has two charging modes:

A. 16 Amps - fast charging
B. 10 amps - slow charging (For use with outlets that cannot deliver 16 amps)

The Cable's electronic control box is waterproof (IP65 standard), size: 13 length 8 width 7 height (cm).
Warranty: two years.
Electric Car Charging Cables - MEV-16-10
10/16 Amp
21 feet

Price:  1989 ILS
Electric Car Charging Cables - MEV B5
10/16 Amp
16 feet

Price:  1989 ILS
Charging Station Fix or Portable

Price:  1989 ILS
Inc kWh meter

Portable EVSE with kWh meter
Warranty: 1 year

Price:  2500 ILS
Mitsubishi PHEV original

Mitsubishi PHEV original charging cable,
2 Level Charging current
select 10 or 16 Amp

Price:  1989 ILS
Nissan Leaf Fast Charging Cable

EV Charging Cable with 3 charging current levels 10/16/30 Amp It will charge Nissan Leaf just within 3 Hours.

able Length = 6 meter Input Plug = Industrial single phase 32a.

Price:  2500 ILS
EV Charging Station 32A

Electric Vehicle Charging station.
Input Voltage : 120 or 240 50/60Hz Charging Current : 32Amp Max.

Price:  2750 ILS

:Electric Car Charging Cables

Electric Car Charging Cables